Free Mother's Day Flower Pot Printable

Looking for a cute and free Mother's Day craft for your students this year?  This Mother's Day craft is simple to make for mom, grandma, or any loved one this Mother's Day.  Our free template makes this flower pot an easy and fun craft to do at home or at school.  Let your students practice their writing skills with a special hidden message Mom will be sure to enjoy inside!




Step 1. 
Download the free Mother's Day flower pot template at our store on Teachers Pay Teachers and please give our new store a follow

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Step 2. Print the template on white paper/cardstock if students are coloring flower pots. Print the template on color paper/cardstock if not.  

Step 3. Cut out each of the pieces of the template. Note: Allow each student to select which message version best suits them.

Step 4. If decorating, allow students time to color the flower, stem, and flower pot.Mother-s Day Craft_CutColor 1pngStep 5. Glue pieces of template together according to directions. 

Step 6. Allow students time to write about all the special ways their mom, grandma, aunt or other special person has helped them grow. 
Mother-s Day Craft_GlueWrite 3pngStep 7. 
Let it dry and send it home with your students! Super easy and will be a gift that will be treasured!

We hope that you enjoy the free resource and please remember to give our Teachers Pay Teachers store a follow!

Alaina Clark-Weinstein