Online Events

Join Joe Truss, founder of Culturally Responsive Leadership, and the Washington Post bestselling authors of Hacking School Discipline, Brad Weinstein and Nathan Maynard, as they delve into such an important topic in schools and organizations! This institute will teach some foundational practices to get started with restorative practices, as well as take a deep dive into how racial bias influences relationships and restorative practices.
Restorative practices are a great solution for schools seeking to foster a sense of belonging with students and for creating a more equitable learning environment. Even with schools that are using restorative practices, many struggle with how to properly have students repair the harm of their actions--especially with an antiracist and/or trauma lens. This institute will help equip schools with the tips and tools needed to help schools sustain antiracist restorative practices. This event will be on July 12th, 13th, and 14th.


EQ by Design: Summer Institute

We would like to welcome teachers, support staff, building leaders and district leaders to our virtual inaugural events that combine the expertise and experience of some of the leading experts in the field to develop a cutting edge and research-based approach to discipline. Restorative practices, trauma-informed practices, and social-emotional learning must be authentic and more than a curriculum: They are how we teach. They are how we interact with students. They are how we run schools. EQ by Design combines the best of these research-based practices with the latest innovation in applied neuroscience and systems thinking. This will enable educators to enhance the ways in which they engage in everyday interactions supporting their communities. Participants will receive our exclusive EQ by Design Toolkit including access to slides, handouts, and additional resources for continued learning! This event will be on June 21st-June 23rd or July 19th-July 21st.